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From the 1st of January 2019  to the 21st of January 2019 the IOA  offices will be closed as we will be at the World Show in Holland.

No orders will be sent out until the 21st January.

For 2014 the IOA-COM-UK are pleased to announce that they are offering the following bespoke colouring agents for all types of birds.

Direct from Italy

Red Mask

For Goldfinch/Bullfinch/Redpoll/Crossbills/Mexican Rosefinch/Red Fronted Serin

Lemon Yellow for all Yellow Factor Canaries.

Red-Mask-100 Lemon-Yellow-100

Red Mask 100 ml. £24-99. Lemon Yellow. 100 grams. £ 38-00.

Direct from Germany

Black Magic

For Blackbirds/Black Siskins/Black Melanin Brids

Increases the black pigment in birds.


500 grams £ 14-99.

2.5 kg £32-00. Plus £6-20p P/P.

Brown Magic

Cinnamon Greenfinches/Brown Canaries/Blackbird Hens

Increases the melanin in the birds pigment.


500 grams £ 14-99.

2.5 Kg £32-00. Plus £6-20p P/P.

Red Magic Plus

For Goldfinch/Bullfinch/Redpoll/Crossbills/Mexican Rosefinch/Red Fronted Serin

Will optimise the plumage to achieve a vibrant colour.


500 grams £ 19-99.

2.5 Kg. £40-99p.Plus £6-20p.P/P.

Yellow Magic Plus

For Yellow Factor Canaries/Yellow Hammers/European Siskins/New World Siskins

Will optimise the yellow colour.


100 grams £ 16-99.

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Or alternativly they can be purchased from:

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Tel. 01709 545619

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