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The Executive committee have decided the time is right for IOA members who have put a life times work into the IOA and the hobby should be rewarded. Our honoured members names will now go onto the ORDER OF MERIT shield. Each member will be given their own bespoke glassware which is theirs to keep.

To start the Merit shield off twelve members were put forward and all their work and achievements were discussed and agreed by the committee. Some have been in the hobby for over 60 years and have been with the IOA from the start in 1955.

For achievements to the British Bird world our first name is Bob Partridge, his knowledge makes him just about the most experience person in the UK and he is one of the few people still alive to have helped DEFRA with the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act. A great person, a “Breeder of a diverse range of both European and Foreign birds many of which are now not seen in aviculture, and also a BBC delegate.”

The IOA are pleased to announce that the FIFE FANCY FEDERATION have joined the IOA’s affiliation scheme, they have also had their own COM ring accepted and these can now be used at all COM Shows, orders from Fife sec Paul Larkin. The only problem is they also sell split rings well these cannot be used in COM shows. Paul Larkin will give each member a bespoke ID Code number.

From the 1st of January 2019  to the 21st of January 2019 the IOA  offices will be closed as we will be at the World Show in Holland.

No orders will be sent out until the 21st January.

Apologies, due to a small number of members actions we will only ship items to members when funds are confirmed as cleared.
Please note – if you require rings quickly then the fastest payment method is debit card.

Important recently received draft documentation, it is important that you read the 2 documents below and send your comments back to me A Robinson –

This licensing is due to come into force in October 2018, it is to be placed before parliament on the 5th April 2018. Your comments are urgently required before this date.

Selling Animals as Pets Final 12.3 (1)

Animal Exhibits Defra Guidance 1.2.18

If you require any further information, contact me on one of the methods below.

Mobile 07947808933
Landline 01226 286066
Contact form

Public Liability Insurance Document

We have received this information from an IOA member, it is to be noted that this is only cover provided for public liability and does not cover legal fee’s. The IOA have contacted another insurance broker, who has informed them that they are currently looking at obtaining cover for legal expenses and will report back to the IOA at the end of summer 2017.

Following the recent meeting held with DEFRA/NE in London, could members please send me any pictures of the following birds with deformed feet following the ringing of the chicks in the nest.

Mealy Redpoll ring size C

Siberian Bullfinch Ring size D

Siberian Goldfinch Ring size C

My email address is

The consultation summary of responses and Government response will be published at 10am tomorrow, Wednesday 23 March. (Please be aware this link will not go live until 10am tomorrow.)

The Government response can be found on page 23. We now intend to move forward over the coming months to work on and enact the proposed changes. If you have any queries, please contact the Defra Helpline.

The IOA have some exciting news for all their members regarding their plans for 2015/16. The committee have after giving their plans a lot of thought decided to sponsor two shows. The main show which the IOA will be involved with is the BRITISH NATIVE MULE &HYBRID CLUB held at Nantwich Civic Hall in January 2016. As well as giving the committee a cash donation they will also give out theNative British Bird Mule Hybrid Club LogoIOA’s bespoke rosette’s and also each judge will be given an IOA mug. Everyone who enters for this show will also be given an IOA bespoke ring holder. As this show has now been going for a number of years the IOA committee felt the time was right to give something back to its members who nearly all show at this wonderful show, all do what the IOA was formed for and all use CLOSE RINGS. We hope this is the start of making this show even better than it already is and hope to be its sponsor’s for years to come.

The Bird Show of the Year held in Oct at Stafford Show ground the IOA will also be one of the sponsors for this show and will after speaking to Les Rance from the Parrot Society the CANARY SECTION will be given IOA bespoke rosette’s to cover all classes.

The IOA’s affiliated society’s do not miss out on sponsor ship and this year they have awarded a cash donation of £100-oo to the International Gloster Breeders Association to help with the cost of running its show. Two society’s The CCBA Scottish Zone and the Frill Canary Club will each receive £25-00 to help them and all other societies will receive three bespoke rosette’s.

For the Yorkshire British Bird & Hybrid Club who hold their show in November the IOA have decided to sponsor one class,the honour for this years show will be the Crossbill section,they have awarded three rosette’s and the IOA President has donated a cash prize of £25-00 for best Crossbill in show.They hope this will be a great help to encourage more breeders of this wonderful bird to show them.

This proves the only organisation who looks after its members and gives some thing back to the hobby is the IOA.