International Ornithological Association
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Affiliated to the Confederation Ornithologique Mondiale

About the IOA

The International Ornithological Association was formed in 1955 by the Roller canary fancy to enable them to contest their birds with their European neighbours.
They went about this by first setting up an International body for their branch of the fancy, which they named “the Roller Canary Union”, and then formed the Association to use as a vehicle from which they could stage International shows and also compete on the world stage. Under their control, in the first ten years they staged some seven International shows here in the UK.


Homepage birdThe Association remained a one bird breed organisation for a few years until it was recognised that there was a need to open it up into a multi bird breeds association so that all birds from Great Britain could compete at an International level, with the handing over to the type bird fancy, Mr Frank Draper was elected its first President and Secretary of the association as it is known today. Under his stewardship many birds were sent to International shows both here and overseas. Since its inception, birds taking part in World and International shows have always had to be close rung – as do birds belonging to a number of leading organizations here in the UK. This in the past had been a stumbling block, to get fanciers to compete with their birds at world shows, as the wearing of two rings is not allowed both here and at world show level. To overcome this problem, the association has now put in place affiliation schemes to allow both the individual fancier and Societies / Associations to participate in World and International shows.

 7Recognised by DEFRA as an approved ring supplier to the fancy, the association can supply rings to fanciers covering all species of birds – including British birds. Individual membership can be made through the appropriate office, Societies / Associations can seek affiliation through the office of the General Secretary, The Association is the joint member state belonging to the COM (Confederation Ornithologique Mondiale) and covers the whole of the United Kingdom – fanciers who have residency  here in the UK  and her dependants states, who wish to take part in World Shows will need to take out membership of our Association to enable them to participate.





Meet The IOA

The IOA’s distinctive stand can be seen at avicultural shows and exhibitions throughout the UK and Europe. It’s the ideal opportunity to find out more about the IOA, pay your subscriptions or just stop for a chat with like-minded people.

IOA Stand

The photograph shows the stand at the
Bague D’or (Golden Ring), where it soon became a natural ‘meeting point’ for UK exhibitors and visitors alike.