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How to order I.D coded and non I.D coded members rings

When ordering any members rings (I.D coded and non I.D coded) you will first need to login to the online shop for these items to be available for purchase. Once logged in these products will then be available from the Rings menu in the main site navigation. (see below)

Members ring location on main navigation

Alternatively the members ring options can also be found in the rings section of the shop itself. The easiest way to find these is to click the ‘Rings’ product in the right menu and then the rings will be shown.



Login to shop now

How do I get a member login for the shop?

To order I.D coded rings you will need to first become a member of the IOA, when you are confirmed as a member you will be sent login details for the online shop where the facility to order members rings will become available.

Please note : When applying to become a member it may take 4-5 days for you to be confirmed. Once you are a confirmed member, you will receive your login details you will then be able to order I.D coded members rings.

(If you order the rings whilst applying with a printed membership application form, the rings will be sent when you are a confirmed member)

For further details and benefits to becoming a member please view our membership page.