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                           The 68th World Show will be held in Matosinhos,Portugal,open to the public 23rd Jan – until 26h Jan 2020.



                                             The 67th World Show will be held in Zwolle,Holland,open to the public 10th Jan until 13th Jan 2019.



The 65th World Show Mondial will be held in Almeria Spain.Open to the public 20-22 Jan 2017.

“Show Hall” Address: Palacio De Exposiciones Y Congresos De Aguadulce.



The 64th World was held in 2016 – Matosinhos, Portugal.

The 64th World Show held in Matosinhos, Portugal will always be remembered for three very tragic events which happened. First as the IOA always tells the truth these sad facts have to be reported. First in December 2015 the President of the COM from the Southern Hemisphere Luis Beraldi from Brazil suddenly died at the age of 67 years old, he was a very good friend of myself and the IOA and will be greatly missed. In late December the President of the COM Salvatore Cirmi was rushed into hospital with a life threatening illness and was placed on a life support machine. Then, as if these were not too large blows to the show for some unknown reason the transport of the birds from Italy was changed and when the birds arrived at the show a number were found to be dead. No number of dead birds has been told by any one so how many birds were lost in the transport is unknown, to the breeders who lost birds we offer our condolence’s but also the effect it had on the conveyors from Italy was devastating some were in tears. (more…)


The 63rd World show was held in Rosmalen, Holland from the 22/1/15 -25/1/15. Conveyors Richard Lumley and Chris Smith took a total number of birds from the UK of 187,with a few absent birds which would have seen a very good entry of 215 birds from 31 fully paid up IOA members, 3 NCA members and 1 from a affiliated society making a total of 35 exhibitors. Total number of birds entered for the show was 22,248 so a very good entry when you understand all the problems the show organisation had in the weeks leading up to the show are the out break of Bird Flu. Once again the standard of birds on show was of high quality and for COM-UK to win 10 Gold and 4 Silver was high praise indeed. The IOA feel that every one who partook was a winner with 6 first time exhibitors and as a thank you all IOA members were given a special Gold Pin badge, congratulations to all the medal winners but not every one can win from the IOA’s side its the partaking which counts.

Mondial 2014 was held in Bari, Italy. The world show website is

This is the COM-UK president with fellow members at the flag ceremony world show gala dinner Bari.

The 62 nd World Show was held in Bari, Italy from 24/1/14 to 26/1/14. COM-UK conveyour’s Richard Lumley & Gary Mann took a total of 180 birds from the UK plus 15 birds from our members in Gibraltar making a total entry of 195 from 32 exhibitors. A total entry of bird’s for the show was 25,895 from 3340 exhibitors coming from 19 countries. COM-UK managed to win a total of 11 medals, of which 6 were gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze. All birds at the show arrived in good condition after a journey of 1,600 miles which took two days driving. The standard of all birds on show was a very high one so to win a medal you had to have a outstanding bird, and some of the COM-UK team just missed out on medals this time where as in past shows we would have won more medals. The main contributor’s to this show were once again from the IOA, out of the 32 who exhibited this year 29 were fully paid up IOA members, 1 was an affiliated society to the IOA and from our partners in COM-UK they managed to get 2 exhibitors.

The 61st World Show was held in the Ethias-Arena, Hasselt, Belgium from 23-1-13 to 27-1-13.COM-UK conveyors Richard Lumley and Gary Mann took a total of 170 birds to this wonderful show. A total entry for the show, (23,543 birds!) was a wonderful sight. COM-UK which is now the team that we take our birds with won a total of 9 medals which is more than we got in Spain in 2012. IOA exhibitors had a good show winning 5 out of the nine medals, For me the highlight was the Lizard boys Rob Bunting from Kings Lynn continued his success with a silver medal Lizard Gold and ‘Mr Lizard’ Stan Bolton shocked everybody with a bronze medal with a Lizard Blue, the first ever person from the UK to do this, so well done Stan. Bernard Howlett won Gold with a Phaeo Green Finch, first time exhibitor Geoff White won a bronze with a stam of White Irish Fancy’s and Brian Hogg won a Gold with a Lancashire Coppy canary. Two exhibitors Peter Sardena from Gibraltar got 91pts for one of his birds but unfortunately it was placed fourth and Willie McKay from Scotland got a fourth place with a stam of his fifes, he was so near a medal because there were 27 teams of stams in the class so to get the same number of points as the bronze medal winner is no mean feat. I wish to thank everyone else who showed but did not win anything and I include myself in that because for me it’s the taking part that counts. We had a lot of members scoring 90 pts. but it’s just that little bit of luck you need. Overall I felt this was one of the better organised shows I have been to, they did everything they promised and lifted 24,000 in five hours, no mean feat. My only complaint would have to be the lighting in the hall, it was pathetic, yes it was that bad, if you wanted to see the new colours I hope you had a torch with you.