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For 2016 the IOA committee has decided to once again take a coach trip to the 24th Gouden Ring Show held in Belgium.The format for this show will be different to other years with the possibly of a different Hotel and just a one night stay.What is proposed at this moment is leave the UK on Friday  2nd December and arrive at the Hotel around 5pm,then if any one wishes they can go to the show  and gain FREE entry to the show section as it is open to the public from 7-30 pm untill 10-00 pm,(please note the sales section does not open until Saturday).Then one full day at the show from 9-00 am until 5-00pm on the Saturday. After the show closes the coach will make its way back to the UK and arrive back in the UK early Sunday morning. This will result in a big money saving and members get home in daylight. One big down side is this year the coach will not be stopping at any tobacco/chocolate shop due to the incident which happened in 2015 when one person was caught at Dover by the customs people trying to smuggle into the UK tobacco which resulted in a large bill from the coach company for another driver plus the trouble to fellow passengers.

More info will be given out later. The new Hotel is only 10 mins ride from the show hall.

For more details please contact Alan Robinson, tel: 01226 286066 email: