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New products available now in our online shop

For 2014 the IOA-COM-UK are pleased to announce that they are offering the following bespoke colouring agents for all types of birds.

Direct from Italy

Red Mask

For Goldfinch/Bullfinch/Redpoll/Crossbills/Mexican Rosefinch/Red Fronted Serin

Lemon Yellow for all Yellow Factor Canaries.

Red-Mask-100 Lemon-Yellow-100

Red Mask 100 ml. £24-99. Lemon Yellow. 100 grams. £ 38-00.

Direct from Germany

Black Magic

For Blackbirds/Black Siskins/Black Melanin Brids

Increases the black pigment in birds.


500 grams £ 14-99.

2.5 kg £32-00. Plus £6-20p P/P.

Brown Magic

Cinnamon Greenfinches/Brown Canaries/Blackbird Hens

Increases the melanin in the birds pigment.


500 grams £ 14-99.

2.5 Kg £32-00. Plus £6-20p P/P.

Red Magic Plus

For Goldfinch/Bullfinch/Redpoll/Crossbills/Mexican Rosefinch/Red Fronted Serin

Will optimise the plumage to achieve a vibrant colour.


500 grams £ 19-99.

2.5 Kg. £40-99p.Plus £6-20p.P/P.

Yellow Magic Plus

For Yellow Factor Canaries/Yellow Hammers/European Siskins/New World Siskins

Will optimise the yellow colour.


100 grams £ 16-99.

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