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20th Gouden Ring Show

The IOA-COM-UK have just returned from a wonderful exhibition at the 20th Gouden Ring Show held in Roeselare, Belgium 1-2nd December 2012.The conveyors Alan Robinson with his assistant Richard Lumley took a total of 197 birds from 24 exhibitors of which five were showing for the first time from the UK. They won a record total of 21 COM medals, which were made up of 11 gold, 5 Silver and 5 Bronze. A total of 24 members and affiliated societies took part in the show, and the honour this year of being the UK’s first gold medal winner at the show fell to Fife breeder Willie McKay from Scotland with a wonderful stam  team, this was quickly followed by David Shelbourne from Wales who won his first ever gold medal also with a wonderful cinnamon Fife, he also won a silver with a Blue hen. Gary Mann won a bronze medal with his fifes. The gloster section had for the first time a new breeder from the UK trying his luck Eddie Wells from Kent and he was rewarded with his first ever COM Gold Medal with one of his birds, he also won a silver medal with a greenfinch, Rob Wright from Middlesbrough won a silver and bronze with his glosters and IOA president won a silver with his glosters. The Lizard section was also rewarded with exhibitor Joe Coakley or (Cokeo) as he is known in Belgium taking a Gold with one of his birds, Rob Bunting won a silver and bronze with his team of birds. The New Colour section had some highs and lows, first time exhibitor was new colour stalwart Geoff Walker who won two Gold Medals, Tony Hutchinson won another Gold Medal to add to his collection, Glen Marvell another first timer won a silver with his new colours, others were not to successful but you have to be in it to win it and we thank them for their support at least they tried. Robert Storey from the Waxbill society sent twelve wonderful birds and was rewarded with Two Gold and one Silver a very fine achievement indeed. Once again the British section won its medals with Sean Fitzpatrick winning gold with a Stam of Redpolls; IOA sec Alan Robinson won Gold with a greenfinch and first time exhibition Richard Lawson from Kent won his first COM bronze medal with a greenfinch. To all the exhibitors who did not win anything just try again next year, and I say a very big thank you to them for at least having a go. Another first for the IOA at this show was they supplied one of their OMJ judge’s Kevin McCallum from Newcastle who judged the Scots fancy and the Frills.

The IOA coach trip was another success and I would like to thank Gary Bridges for all his hard work which is greatly appreciated.

Final thanks goes to Dirk Dunmon and his wonderful team of helpers from the Gouden ring team, without them this show would not be as good as it is, it is without doubt one of the best shows you could go to and we will be back next year bigger and better. Anyone who thinks they have good birds and you close ring then please do have a go. Next year’s show is 7-8thDec 2013.

The I.O.A. first conveyed members birds to the Golden Ring in 2009 .

David Shelbourne at The Gouden Ring Show