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Affiliated to the Confederation Ornithologique Mondiale

Affiliated Societies

The lOA shall recognise the rings issued by its affiliated societies provided that the society has paid its affiliation fee for the current show season The rings issued by the society are closed aluminium rings equal in quality to those issued by the IOA. Plastic rings and split aluminium rings shall not be recognised. The rings must be colour coded in accordance with the C.O.M. colour sequence The rings must be the correct size for the particular species or variety, as stipulated by the IOA. The rings must be engraved with the year, size, society initials, a unique breeder’s code and the number of the ring. The society keeps accurate and up to date records of its ring sales, so that individual birds and their breeders can be identified upon request by the IOA. Individual members of the affiliated society have registered the rings with the IOA in accordance with Appendix 2.2 ii). Members of affiliated societies may register the ring numbers of their birds with the lOA. Applications for registration must be accompanied by:

  • Name and address of the breeder;
  • Evidence of membership of the affiliated society;
  • Variety or species of the bird(s);
  • Ring number(s) in full;
  • Payment of the lOA membership and the registration fee, which shall be set annually by the lOA.
  • upon receipt of a valid application and the appropriate fee in full, the ring numbers shall be registered by the Ring Steward of the lOA. Registered birds will be accepted by the lOA for entry and conveyance to the World Show and any other COM show supported by the lOA. The Ring Steward shall supply the World Show Conveyor with an up to date copy of the register for this purpose. British birds shall be registered only if the affiliated society is authorised to issue rings by the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).


      FOR 2016 the IOA are pleased to welcome two of the UK’s leading associations to their affiliation scheme,The YORKSHIRE CANARY COUNCIL and the RED & COLOUR CANARY ASSOCIATION UK.

For 2017 the IOA are pleased to welcome two new associations to their affiliation scheme Accademia Ornitologica Italiana.(Italy), South Coast All Gloster Club.


  • C.C.B.A.
  • C.C.B.A. Scottish Zone.
  • The British Colour Canary Club.
  • Irish Fancy International.
  • Blue Lizard Canary Club.
  • North East Lizard Canary Club.
  • Crested Canary Club.(1888).
  • Frill Canary Club.
  • Scottish Norwich Plainhead Canary Club.
  • International Gloster Breeders Association.
  • Accademia Ornitologica Italiana.
  • Association of Gloster Breeders.(From the USA).
  • Yorkshire Canary Council.
  • Northern-Yorkshire Canary Club.
  • Yorkshire,British Bird & Hybrid Club
  • British,Native,Mule & Hybrid Club.
  • Eastern Federation of British Bird Fanciers
  • VvNK.Geel vzw.(c/o Chris Driver)
  • British Bird Council.
  • Ilkeston & Erewash Valley C.B.S.
  • Australian Finch Society.
  • International Gloster Breeders Association USA.
  • South Coast All Gloster Club.

From 2012 all Affiliated societies who run their own show will be allowed to apply in writing to the general secretary for the £100 award which the IOA have agreed to donate to help running costs for their show.Closing date will be 31st March each year.Once your society has been granted this award you cannot apply for it again until two years has passed.To qualify for the award your society must have been affiliated to the IOA for two years.If you run a show with another society then you do not qualify for the award.From 2015 two Affiliated societies who do not run their own show will be granted a donation of £25-00 each.This award will decided by the full committee and societies do not need to apply.

From 2012 all Affiliated societies will be awarded Three of the IOA’s besopke rosette’s for their own shows.

                                                                                              New 2017  Bespoke Affiliated societies rosette’s.


2014 Rosette Sponsors.New to the IOA are from Italy Robert Scurati and from the UK