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Minutes of the IOA, AGM Meeting Held at Fieldhead Hotel, Markfield 28th May 2016

President Mr R Lumley, Treasurer Mr B Preddy, Secretary Mr A Robinson

Present: –

Mr B Preddy, S Tamman, K Rix, R Lumley, W McKay, A Robinson, R Lawson, E Wells, H Evans and A Raine.


No apologies were received via the secretary.

Presidents Welcome

The President opened the meeting at 12:00 noon. The minutes of the AGM 2015 were handed out to all present by Mr R Lumley, the president asked if all present could spend a few minutes reading through the minutes. He would then ask them ask for any further comments regarding those minutes.

All present completed the reading of the minutes. The President asked for any further comments of which the following was made:

Hugh Evans stated that he had thanked Brain Preddy for his report on the accounts for the IOA.

Following the above the minutes were proposed for approval by Ken Rix and seconded by Simon Tamman with all present being in favour.

Presidents Report

The IOA had a stable membership for 2015 membership was 473. He further stated that the association is still continuing to grow and hoped that this would continue for the remainder of 2016.

The IOA will, for 2016 be organising a bus trip to the Gouden Ring show. The President further stated that if the bus trip does not show a profit for this year then the IOA will not run another bus trip to the show. The trip as been run since 2010 with 2014 being the only year that we did not run a trip and each year it has made a loss. Birds will be taken to the show by private individuals i.e. Mr A Robinson and Mr R Lumley, it is to be noted that the IOA will not be sponsoring the taking of the birds to the Gouden Ring show for 2016. Adam Raine informed that meeting that he was very happy with the quality of the rings.

During the presidents report Hugh Evans asked who owned the domain name for the IOA. The president replied that it was in his name as initially we (the association) had to make a quick decision regarding purchasing the domain name and Richard had done this to stop anyone else obtaining that name. It was agreed that the domain name would be transferred to the ownership of the IOA.

Secretaries Report

The secretary reported that the government had finally published its response to the consultation on the trading of captive bred birds. The consultation ran from late Jan 2015 to late March 2015 but the results of that consultation were not published until late March 2016. The report covered the questions asked in the original consultation and the responses received to those questions.

DEFRA have now agreed to adopt the following:

They will adopt the ring sizes agreed in the interim agreement undertaken in 1993 but not formally accepted.

Ensure that General Licenses will continue provided that agree with the new minimum ringing standard and finally

Remove the requirement to provide documentary evidence of captive breeding from the relevant General Licenses permitting trade in live captive bred birds in England and Wales.

Note GL18 already states that you are still required to provided documentary evidence but this license runs from the 1st Jan 2016 to 31st Dec 2016 so was agreed before the publication of the consultation document. See first paragraph above under secretaries’ report.

There is a direct internet link on our web page home page so visit our web site and click on the link, this will take you straight to the DEFRA consultation paper.

The secretary also reported that the new web page was up and running with a complete new interface and additional features making ordering of the rings much simpler.

Treasures Report

The treasurer Mr B Preddy handed out a financial report indicating the profit and loss account along with a statement of the associations business during the past financial year. He explained the basics of the report and stated that if anyone wished to know anything further about the account then they should contact the secretary who would pass on the details to Brian so that he could in turn contact them and discuss any issues they wish to discuss.

The President asked for the accounts to be approved they were proposed by H Evans and seconded by Simon Tamman and approved by all present.

Ring Secretaries Report

The ring secretary Mr R Lumley reported the following:

The association sold 35,000 rings in 2015, 211 members’ used ID coded. He further stated that the IOA would sell more rings in 2016. The new web site as now seen the complete removal of the problems that we had experienced in the previous years when non-members were ordering rings. For further comments, see Presidents report.

Election of the Committee

It is with great sadness that the meeting was informed by Mr W McKay that he would not be serving on the IOA committee for 2016. He did state that he would fulfil his commitments for 2016 i.e. judging at the 2016 Gouden Ring Show in Dec 2016 and taking the birds to the COM show in Portugal in late Oct 2016. The meeting accepted Willie’s resignation. He also stated that he would be stepping down from the COM UK committee.

The following committee members were due for re election to the committee: –

  • Mr K Rix
  • Mr S Tamman
  • Mr R Lawson

The following were not up for re-election to the committee: –

  • Mr B Preddy
  • Mr A Robinson
  • Mr R Lumley

With one additional proposed new committee member Mr E Wells.

The following people were elected to serve on the committee for 2016.

A Robinson, B Preddy, R Lumley, S Tamman, Ken Rix, E Wells and R Lawson

Again Ernesto Garcia will be co-opted onto the committee. All agreed.


Hugh Evans asked if the IOA would be prepared to sponsor other affiliated clubs (Native British Bird, Mule and Hybrid Club already sponsored for 2017.)  but also asked if individual members could also be sponsored by the IOA. The IOA must receive some form of recognition/information/feedback/report with regards to the sponsorship this type of sponsorship should be obtained via our web site and the magazine. All present at the meeting agreed that the committee should look at this in greater detail and report back later. It was also agreed that when applying for this sponsorship that the affiliated club/individual member must put in writing how they will use the sponsorship money and what they hope to achieve.

Richard Lawson thanked the IOA for their sponsorship of the British Native Mule and Hybrid Club which was well received by members of the BNMHC.

The meeting closed at 1:10 pm