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IOA In Europe 2011 Archive

The 2011 International Festival of Colours, Maromme, Normandy, France, provided the I.O.A. and Team Uk with another first . For the first time in the history of this International COM event we benched birds from Scotland and were repaid with medals for Bill Maley & Willy McKay, both first time exhibitors.  In all, the 15 exhibitors that made up Team Uk , entered 135 birds and won a total of 36 medals across all the varieties . This is the third year that the I.O.A. and Team UK have competed under the COM banner at the event hosted by the A.O.N. ( L’amicle Ornithologique De Normandie ( The Friendly Bird Club of Normandy ) in conjunction with the CTC ( Club Technique DeCanaris De Couleurs ) and a record entry resulted in a record medal haul . I.O.A. Conveyors this year were Andy Early & Willy McKay, the C.C.B.A. (Canary Colour Breeders Association) were represented by Vice Chairman Neville Gaunt .


David Allen 1 Gold 1 bronze medal (Lizard Canary)

Richard Lumley 1 Gold 1 silver and 1 bronze medal. (Gloster Canary)

Willie McKay 3 Gold 2 silver 1 bronze (Fife Canary)

Neville Gaunt 2 Gold 1 silver (Colour Canary)

Robin Hurworth 2 Gold 2 silver 1 bronze (Colour Canary)

Tony Hutchinson 1 gold 1 silver (Colour Canary)

Bill Malay 1gold 1 silver (Colour Canary)

Gary Mann 1 gold 2 silver (Fife Canary)

George Philpot 4 gold 1 silver 1 bronze (Colour Canary)

Ralph Tiah 1 gold 1 bronze (Colour Canary)

Mike Vokes 1 silver (Colour Canary)

Andy Early 1 Gold (Rheinlander Canary)

Willie McKay also won the award for the best posture canary, with a very good heavily variegated yellow fife, despite some very stiff competition. Special awards were also won by Neville Gaunt for the best melanin onyx canary and by George Philpot for the best melanin cobalt canary. Robin Hurworth won the Mario Ascheri challenge trophy with a red mosaic satinete isabelle hen. The standard of colour canaries at the show is excellent and to win any kind of medal is a very good achievement. The continental system of judging means that if the bird is not good enough it will not be awarded a medal. Some classes of birds no medals were awarded as none of the birds reached the required standard. So well done to all those that exhibited


IOA members

I.O.A. & COM UK President, Richard Lumley with I.O.A. GBBA members at Reggio Emilia .


The IOA-COM-UK has just attend the 19th Gouden Ring Show,Roeselare,Belgium,3/4 Dec 2011,and have once again done what they are good at by breaking all their previous records, the show conveyor Alan Robinson along with his assistant Richard Lumley took a record number of birds to the show 188 in total from 19 members, there efforts were reward with a total of 14 COM medals, the IOA committee would like to thank everybody who entered their birds even though some members did not win anything because without their support you cannot have a show,

The honour of being the first medal winner for 2011 fell to British breeder and IOA stalwart Paul Meek who won Gold and Silver with his wonderful Greenfinchs, it was back in 2008 when Paul first got the IOA to show at this wonderful show, next was IOA president Richard Lumley who won Gold with his Crossbills, this was his first ever showing with these birds, Don Foffitt won Bronze with one of his Greenfinchs.
In the Posture Canary Section Garry Mann won Gold/Silver/Bronze with his Fife Canaries, the Lizard section Joe Coakley won a Silver and so too did Dave Allen, In the New Colour Section Tony Hutchinson won Silver and Bronze, George Philpott won a Silver and Neville Gaunt won a Silver with stamm team.
In the Foreign section first time exhibitor Rob Storey won a Silver. Overall the standard of birds on show was very high and to do as well as we did is a great achievement, once again Dirk Dumon and his show organisation did the IOA proud and they could not have been more helpful towards us, this makes showing at this show next year a must and we would encourage anyone to have a go next year. The date for next year is Dec 1-2, 2012.
The IOA also ran a coach trip to the show and reports from the breeders was first class and everybody wants the IOA to run another coach in 2012, the only down side was we were let down by a few members at the last minute who said they were going and backed out, this left the IOA of once again making a loss on the trip, so the committee will have to have a good talk on this one.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Lumley, IOA & COM UK President.

Images From: The Bague d’Or, Golden Ring Show

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