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60th World Show

The 60th World show was held in Almeria, Spain and the COM-UK conveyors Richard Lumley and Gary Mann took a total of 142 birds from 29 exhibitors to the show, they had a round trip of 3,500 miles to attend the show, yet they found this trip to be one of the easiest they have under taken and for the welfare of the birds they drove 21 hours non-stop from Calais to reach southern Spain, some task. The total entry for the show was 26367 birds from 2971 exhibitors from 17 countries. Main medal winners were of course the host nation as they had the biggest entry of birds 44% of the entry. There were some wonderful birds on show but also surprising for a world show some not so good.COM-UK president would like to thank everybody who took the time to either show there birds or attend the show, of course there are winners and loser but it’s the partaking which counts, he would also like to thank the following members who all donated birds for sale to help the COM-UK funds. Rob Bunting, Willie McKay, Gary Mann, Chris Smith, G.Al-Nasser and Richard Lumley.  –

Finally a big well done to the medal winners who gave the COM-UK a total medal haul of 5 Gold, 1 Silver, and 3 Bronze.

They were as follows,

Louis Spiteri – 1 Gold.  Common Rosefinch.

Bernard Howlett – 2.Gold. Song Thrush & Common Blackbird.

John Ward – 1 Bronze.  Bengalese.

Roger Carr – 1 Gold.  Budgerigars.(Stam of Lutinos).

Geoff Capes – 1 Gold.  Budgerigars.

Roy Aplin – 1 Silver & 2 Bronze.  Budgerigars.