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23rd Gouden Ring Show

The 23rd Gouden Ring Show how held on 5/6th Dec 2015 saw a record entry of 6800 birds  in total, and once again it was a super show. This year due to other organisations jumping on the band wagon of what the IOA has achieved in showing at this show there were four lots of conveyors taking birds from the UK and so to distance them selves the IOA officers Alan Robinson and Richard Lumley have decided to call their team, TEAM YORKSHIRE and so can only report on the members birds who showed under that banner. A total number of 17 members sent 210 birds and were rewarded with a wonderful medal haul, 14 COM Gold, 11 COM Silver and 7 COM Bronze. Just proving that North of Watford is were the best birds came from. The high light of the team was Darren Hadley with his Irish fancys he sent 1 stamm team and 8 single birds and was rewarded with 3 Gold, 4 Silver, 1 Bronze, in fact only one bird got nothing. But other first time winners were Mel Knaggs 1 Gold with a Pairisan Frill, Keith Bennett 2 Gold with his Irish, George Dial 1 Gold with a Satinet, Colin Patterson 1 Gold with a Kobalt, Stan Bolton 2 Gold with his lizards, Maurice O’Conner 4 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze with his Irish, Pornprapa Bolton 1 Silver, Georgina Bunting 1 Silver, Adam Kendall 1 Silver, Richard Kendrew 1 Silver, Willie McKay 1 Silver, 2 Bronze with his Fifes, Rob Bunting 1 Bronze and Donald Skinner-Reid 1 Bronze with his Scotts fancy. Just to prove how hard it is to win at this show both myself and Alan won nothing as did a few others but as I always say it’s taking part that is the most important thing and I thank every one who took the time to show and visit the show.

20th Gouden Ring Show Roselare

20th Gouden Ring Show Roselare

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Opening Ceremony of the 23rd Gouden Ring Show

Gouden ring show 2015 012

Mel Knaggs with his first ever COM Gold Medal winning Pairsan Frill.