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Affiliated to the Confederation Ornithologique Mondiale

2016 Gouden Ring Show, Belgium

The 2016 show was held on 3/4th Dec 2016 and attracted a record entry of 7300 birds from all of Europe, birds came from Holland, Belgium, France, Malta and United Kingdom. Alan Robinson and myself took 15 members birds ( a total of 170 birds) and were rewarded with a COM medal haul of 27. First, a big thanks to the show organisation for once again putting on a first class show and to all who took part in the show, some did not win but it’s the taking part which counts for me.

There were a few stars but for me the star of the show team has to be Neil Prentice who won 1 gold and 1 silver with his redpolls, not the biggest winner but he won gold with a redpoll out of a class of 47 birds, now that just takes some doing. A close runner up has to be first time exhibitor and novice breeder Rob Savage, he sent 10 birds and was rewarded with 2 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze with his Irish team. Donald Skinner-Reid from Scotland won 2 gold and 1 silver with his Gibso (another first). Gloster breeder Richard Lumley won 1 gold and 1 bronze with a Bullfinch Hen (first time), Richard Kendrew won 1 bronze with his glosters. Dave Shelbourne from Wales  and George Whitfield both won 1 bronze with their Fifes. Stacey Turner won 1 gold with his British birds and last but not least affiliated member Maurice O’Conner won 4 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze with his Irish Fancy. Super, a big thanks to all.

The IOA coach trip was a disaster as 9 people who booked to go on the trip all pulled out in the last week because the coach company found out from the ferry company that no birds could be brought back on the coach so this meant a loss to the IOA of around £2000. This of course will be the LAST one the IOA do, we have tried to give members something back and they do not support it.

At the show 3 breeders had birds disqualified from the UK, all were New Colour Canary breeders. One was an IOA member and when his birds were checked at ring control they were found to have over sized rings on them, they had (J) rings on instead of (G). The breeder was blaming the IOA until i spoke to him and he agreed he had ordered and put over sized rings on, so why blame the IOA. The two other new colour breeders had rung some of their birds with ceramic (pot) rings and no lettering so all had winning birds thrown out. Why do they just not stick to the rules. Anyway, now for the next show, the rule is from the club: all birds that are entered must have closed ID Coded rings with the breeders number on them. Only IOA rings and affiliated societies will be accepted.

Next show: 2/3rd Dec 2017.