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CSUG Meeting – Wednesday 19th April 2017

CSUG Meeting on Wednesday 19th April 2017

11am-1pm, Room G1, Horizon House, Bristol


  1. Welcome & introductions
  2. Agree minutes of meeting on 12th Jan 2017 and action point update.
  3. Corporate update:
    – Staff changes
  4. EU and international meetings – review and forward look:
    (a) Scientific Review Group (SRG78), 6 Feb 2017;
    (b) 77th Management Committee / 6th Expert Group, 7th Feb 2017
    (c) EU Illegal Wildlife Trade event, 8th Feb 2017
    (d) SRG79 on 21st June, Management Committee/ 7th Experts Group on 22nd June. [No details available yet.]
    (e) 29th Animals Committee on 18-21 July 2017; 23rd Plants Committee on 22, 24-27 July 2017

  5. Updates:
    (a)  Law Commission’s review of wildlife law;
    (b)  APHA BIP charging;
    (c)  EU Commission guidance on worked specimens;
    (d)  Brexit and implications for the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations;
    (e)  COTES, including Ports of Entry.
  6. Implementation Issues
    (a)   Need for a new Art 10 certificate for taxidermy specimens when the owner moves house?
    (b)   Need for a taxidermist to have an Art 10 certificate to hold frozen carcasses, and another when ready to sell?
  7. AOB and next meeting
    Break-out session after main meeting –
    Post EY-exit implications including:
    (i) UK voting in CITES and relationship with the EU; implications for the free movement of CITES specimens between the UK and EU Member States including the issuance of CITES paperwork to facilitate trade;
    (ii) Implications for the Habitats Directive as it relates to UK obligations;
    (iii) Implications for the 5 Bird Rule as currently implemented in the EU;
    (iv) Likelihood of quarantine requirement changes;
    (v) Implications for Pet Passport arrangements.