International Ornithological Association
Founder Member COM-UK

Affiliated to the Confederation Ornithologique Mondiale

President Mr R Lumley, Treasurer Mr B Preddy, Secretary Mr A Robinson

Present: –

Mr B Preddy, S Tamman, K Rix, R Lumley, W McKay, A Robinson, R Lawson, E Wells, H Evans and A Raine.


No apologies were received via the secretary.

Presidents Welcome

The President opened the meeting at 12:00 noon. The minutes of the AGM 2015 were handed out to all present by Mr R Lumley, the president asked if all present could spend a few minutes reading through the minutes. He would then ask them ask for any further comments regarding those minutes.

All present completed the reading of the minutes. The President asked for any further comments of which the following was made:

Hugh Evans stated that he had thanked Brain Preddy for his report on the accounts for the IOA.

Following the above the minutes were proposed for approval by Ken Rix and seconded by Simon Tamman with all present being in favour.


The IOA held a successful AGM on 18th April 2015 at the Fieldhead Hotel, Markfield, Leics. The President Richard Lumley gave the members present a report on how he felt they had achieved in the past year 2014. He felt the membership had held stable and the sales of rings had once again improved, what is most pleasing is the sales of ID Coded rings, this stood at 17,500 and yet other well known organisations feel there is no need for ID Coded rings well this shoots that point down. New products had been introduced and have all been selling well and also the online shop was also doing ok. A number of points need addressing re this sales page and this would be looked at in 2015. The IOA had decided not to take a coach trip this year to the Gouden Ring show and this proved the correct decision as just before the show all sales birds were stopped in Belgium due to a out break of Bird Flu in Holland. The show in itself was a huge success with a record entry of 5700 birds and the President’s best friend and fellow gloster breeder Rik Spillbeen won the Gouden Pin for best in show (he has been trying for 20 years to win this award). Treasuer Brian Preddy gave a very full in depth report on the sate of how the finance’s had done in 2014 and once again the growth was tremendous he felt no other organisation could come any were near to what the IOA had achieved but he was quick to explain it was all down to hard work from the committee, and the backing of the members. The election for the new committee was straight forward as only the standing members had put their names forward again to serve for 2015/16. A new member was welcomed onto the committee Richard Lawson from Kent but this still left one short for the full nine who could sit, so once again Ernsto Gracia from Gibraltar was elected to be a co-opted member.

The meeting closed at 12-15pm.


To be held on Saturday 18th April 2015 at 11.00am. The Fieldhead Hotel, Markfield, Leics LE67 9PS.

All paid-up members of the IOA (annual subscriptions are not accepted at the AGM) are entitled to attend. Affiliated societies are entitled to send a named delegate and this person must be named in writing to the General Sec by the 12th April. Please note if the delegate is a member of the IOA, he/she will only have one vote as per rule 6.5.


President’s welcome.
Minutes of the 2014 AGM.
Matters arising.
President’s Report.
Secretary’s Report.
Treasuer’s Report.
Ring/Membership Secretary’s Report.
Election of 2014/15 Committee.
Election of Committee.


Notice of 2014 AGM.

To be held on Saturday 12th April 2014,at 10-30 am, Venue, The Fieldhead Hotel, Markfield, Leicestershire LE 67 9PS.

All fully paid-up members of the IOA (annual subscriptions are not accepted at the AGM) are entitled to attend.Affiliated societies are entitled to send a named delgate in writng to the general sec by the 6th April,please note that if the delgate is a member of the IOA,he/she will only have one vote as per Rule 6.5.

Postal Vote.
All paid up members are entitled to use a postal vote on any matter put before an AGM,if they are unable to attend the AGM in person.The vote must be sent by post to the General Secretary by 6th April 2014.Electronic mail is not accepted,in the event of a member attending the AGM in person any postal vote becomes invalid.


The society held a very good AGM on Sat 12th April at Markfield, the members present were given a very good report on the year 2013 work by the President, he told the meeting of how 2013 had been one of the best ones to date with lots of positives for the coming year. General sec felt we had done lots of good work and he was pleased that the new website was now running smoothly. Membership/Ring sec reported that 2013 had shown a slight decrease in membership but sales of rings were well up, the main increase was in ID Code sales and this looks the way forward. Treasuer Brian Preddy gave a brilliant in depth report on the years finance and the money turned  over for a small bird club takes ones breath away, we had spent quite a lot this year but it is all for the members benefit in the long term. The main part of the AGM was taken up with the rules which were taken out and the ones which were amended, all the proposals had been looked at by the IOA solicitor who gave advice on the wording which is needed in law and on the day a big thank you to IOA member Hugh Evans who was a great help, every thing was passed with no problem. The number of members who can now be on the committee is down to nine, yet for 2014 we are still one member short, so for the first time in years we have co-oopted a member onto the committee, this is Ernesto Gracia who will be the person who looks after our members in Gibraltar. The final good news which came out in the meeting is that President Richard Lumley has been asked to place the awards for the gloster section at the 2014 USA National which will be held in Dayton Ohio in November.