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Captive-bred Birds Meeting

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Captive-bred birds: meeting between the BBC, IOA, NE’s Licensing team and Defra’s Wildlife Management and Crime team.


Thursday  23rd February – 12.00 – 13.30, Nobel House, Smiths Square, Room G13

This meeting is now postponed until Thursday 9th March 2017

1. Attendees:
Bob Partridge, President

Alan Robinson, General Secretary

Nigel Shelton, Senior Adviser – protected species licensing

Lucy Bellini, Senior Adviser – Strategy to Delivery Team

Emma Philimore, New Head of Wildlife Management and Wildlife Crime

Jonathan Tweney, Policy Adviser – new policy lead on wild birds and Captive-bred birds

Kate Brickett, Senior Adviser – by phone

2. Agenda

1. Update on legislative changes and approximate timescales – Defra JT

2. Northern/Siberian Bullfinches and Goldfinches (BBC & IOA)

  • ring sizes
  • licensing

3. Closed rings: (IOA requested to discuss the following)

  • Improved specification for the construction of the rings (I.e. crushing strength etc like they have in Belgium)
  • All rings to be coloured coded for the Year as per COM rules.
  • All rings to be ID coded
  • All rings to include millimetre sizes on the ring
  • All birds to remain closed rung including colour mutations to enable age identification/ownership against theft.

4. European species list recommended ring sizes (BBC/IOA)

5. Colour variants – ringing exemption.

6. Redpoll taxonomic clarification.