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2013 AGM

The society held a very good AGM on Sat 12th April at Markfield, the members present were given a very good report on the year 2013 work by the President, he told the meeting of how 2013 had been one of the best ones to date with lots of positives for the coming year. General sec felt we had done lots of good work and he was pleased that the new website was now running smoothly. Membership/Ring sec reported that 2013 had shown a slight decrease in membership but sales of rings were well up, the main increase was in ID Code sales and this looks the way forward. Treasuer Brian Preddy gave a brilliant in depth report on the years finance and the money turned  over for a small bird club takes ones breath away, we had spent quite a lot this year but it is all for the members benefit in the long term. The main part of the AGM was taken up with the rules which were taken out and the ones which were amended, all the proposals had been looked at by the IOA solicitor who gave advice on the wording which is needed in law and on the day a big thank you to IOA member Hugh Evans who was a great help, every thing was passed with no problem. The number of members who can now be on the committee is down to nine, yet for 2014 we are still one member short, so for the first time in years we have co-oopted a member onto the committee, this is Ernesto Gracia who will be the person who looks after our members in Gibraltar. The final good news which came out in the meeting is that President Richard Lumley has been asked to place the awards for the gloster section at the 2014 USA National which will be held in Dayton Ohio in November.