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Captive-bred Birds Meeting

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Captive-bred birds: meeting between the BBC, IOA, NE’s Licensing team and Defra’s Wildlife Management and Crime team.


Thursday  23rd February – 12.00 – 13.30, Nobel House, Smiths Square, Room G13

This meeting is now postponed until Thursday 9th March 2017


DEFRA/NE Meeting London 23rd Feb 2017

On the 23rd Feb 2017 the IOA will be attending a meeting with DEFRA/NE officials in London to discuss the ringing of Siberian Goldfinches/Bullfinches which as in recent years become an issue for breeders as this bird as become more popular and breeders are beginning to bred them in increasing numbers. Continental breeders place “D” rings on Siberian Goldfinches and “E” rings on Siberian Bullfinches. It is hope that discussions on the 23rd will result in a positive approach towards the ringing of these birds and having both species placed on a General License for ringing.

The IOA as asked for a number of other items to be placed on the agenda at this meeting which include the following:-

Stafford Sales Day

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The IOA will be attending the Stafford Sales Day on the 4th March 2018.


You can pay your membership and order your rings.


CITES Sustainable Users Group (CSUG) Meeting

CITES Sustainable Users Group (CSUG) Meeting
11am-1pm, 12 January 2017, 2 Rivergate, Bristol



1. Mark Baxter (Defra)                                            14. Barbara Minnikin (APHA)
2. Robb Brown (NCA/British Bird Council)         15. Nicky Needham (BIAZA)
3. Jim Collins (SUN)                                               16. Chris Newman (REPTA)
4. Dawn Day (ABO)                                                17. Francine Nicholls (APHA)
5. Martyn Denney (Cyclamen Society)                18. Bob Partridge (NCA/B. Bird Council)
6. Keith Fletcher (Vertu)                                         19. Alan Robinson (IOA)
7. Mike Gates (Owl Society)                                  20. Michael Sigsworth (Defra – chair)
8. Stacey Hughes (Defra)                                      21. Rose Simpson (RBG, Kew)
9. Graham Irving (Hawk Board)                            22. Noeleen Smyth (RBG, Kew)
10. Rachael Kitchener (APHA)                             23. Michelle Tarran (APHA)
11. Alison Littlewood (JNCC)                                24. Owen Walton (TTF)
12. Kim McDonald (Guild of Taxidermists)         25. Dominic Whitmee (OATA)
13. Paul McManus (MIC)



The IOA are now a fully paid up member of the government department called  SUN/DEFRA .

On the 12th Jan 2017 Alan Robinson attended a meeting in Bristol along with Bob Partridge from the BBC (who are affiliated to the IOA) to discuss the change in the law re birds and ring sizes.

The 66th World Show

The 66th World Show will be held in Cesena, Italy.
The show opens to the public from Friday 19th Jan 2018 until Sunday 21st Jan 2018.

AGM 2019 Notice

Location: The Fieldhead Hotel, Markfield, Leics, LE67 9PS
Date: 6 th April 2019.
Time: 10-30 am

Please note for 2019 NO Newsletter will be sent out re the AGM.

Details will be in the Oct Magazine,this is to save the IOA time and money when members are showing no interest in attending the AGM.