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As from the 1st Sept 2013 the IOA  will be accepting payment from its members/non members for all its goods, memberships and ring orders via the following credit/debit card forms of payment: VISA, Maestro, MasterCard, Paypal and Vpay. A membership form and ring order form will be downloadable from our web site here and they will also be issued in our yearly magazine to all fully paid up members.

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Membership Benefits :
  • Your own membership & ID Code number for your COM-UK rings.
  • The opportunity to exhibit at any show held under the COM auspices.
  • Your birds transported to the Gouden Ring Show in Belgium.
  • Your birds transported to the World Show and World Show Vets fee’s paid.
  • The IOA News Letter & Magazine.
  • Being part of a Global organisation gives you contacts & friendships worldwide

If you’re interested in becoming a member then Print a membership application form or visit the online shop.

Please note : When applying to become a member it may take 4-5 days for you to be confirmed. Once you are a confirmed member, you will receive your login details you will then be able to order I.D coded members rings.

(If you order the rings whilst applying with a printed membership application form, the rings will be sent when you are a confirmed member)

Creating an account :
  • Firstly you need to purchase a membership (you can do this through an application form or via our online shop!)
  • Once you have purchased your membership, it will take 4-5 days for you to be confirmed. Once you are a confirmed member you will be emailed your account details by Richard.
  • Once you have received your account details, you can use them to sign in on the website (you will then have access to purchase members rings.)
Ring Size Guides :

You can either order rings through our online shop or by using the ring order form

If you aren’t already a member, you can download the membership application form

For 2017 ring details click here.
Please note all IOA rings are made of Aluminium. Members who require extra ID Coded rings need to order before 30th June each year as our ring manufacture close’s down for their annual holiday.

Colour Coded rings have been expanded to a six year cycle and those colours are:  2017 Dark Blue, 2018 Red, 2019 Black, 2020 Light Green. From 2015 the cycle restarts with Violet etc.

Member societies are strongly reminded that when ordering rings from any manufacturer to specify the exact ring colour and the Pantone/Ral codes to avoid any misunderstanding by ring manufactures.
For 2018 the colour for rings is Red, Pantone Code 1797 U, Ral 3002.

For 2019 the colour for rings is Black.Pantone Code. 2U2X Ral. 8005.


How to put a ring on your bird

Birds foot step 1 Birds foot step 2 Birds foot step 3

Depending on the species, birds are normally rung within the first 7 days before the bones in the foot have ‘set’.

  • Step 1 – Hold the chick in one hand and hold the leg with the fingers of the same hand holding the 3 forward toes together and the rear toe facing the opposite direction, then using your other hand, slip the ring over the front three toes.
  • Step 2 – Carry on slipping the ring across the ankle and over the back toe.
  • Step 3 – The back toe is then released and the ring will be on.