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The IOA are pleased to announce that the FIFE FANCY FEDERATION have joined the IOA’s affiliation scheme, they have also had their own COM ring accepted and these can now be used at all COM Shows, orders from Fife sec Paul Larkin. The only problem is they also sell split rings well these cannot be used in COM shows. Paul Larkin will give each member a bespoke ID Code number.

Breaking News – Annual Leave

From the 20th of August to the 3rd of September the IOA offices will be closed as we are on annual leave.

No orders will be sent out until the 4th of September.

Important Notice

Apologies, due to a small number of members actions we will only ship items to members when funds are confirmed as cleared.
Please note – if you require rings quickly then the fastest payment method is debit card.

Breaking News 19th March 2018 – Draft Licensing for Bird Keepers

Important recently received draft documentation, it is important that you read the 2 documents below and send your comments back to me A Robinson –

This licensing is due to come into force in October 2018, it is to be placed before parliament on the 5th April 2018. Your comments are urgently required before this date.

Selling Animals as Pets Final 12.3 (1)

Animal Exhibits Defra Guidance 1.2.18


DEFRA and APHA Organogram

The information is linked below in PDF format.

DEFRA and APHA Organogram 02.01.18

CSUG Meeting Minutes – Tuesday 7th November 2017

CITES Sustainable Users Group (CSUG) Meeting

11am-1pm, 7 November 2017, Rm G1, Horizon House, Bristol



Drew Bain (Guild of Taxidermists)

Steven Beadle (IOA)

Elizabeth Biott (Defra)

Sophie Bird (APHA)

Proposed New License Charges For Non-Schedule 3 Birds

If you require any further information, contact me on one of the methods below.

Mobile 07947808933
Landline 01226 286066
Contact form

CSUG Meeting Minutes – Wednesday 19th April 2017

CITES Sustainable Users Group (CSUG) Meeting

11am-1pm, 19 April 2017, Horizon House Bristol



Lydia Andrews (APHA)

Drew Bain (Guild of Taxidermists)

Mark Baxter (Defra)

Peter Beare (Beare Violins)

Elizabeth Biott (Defra)

Jim Collins (SUN)

Breaking News 3rd May – General/Class License

Today, the IOA have received an email from DEFRA stating that there will be no further decision making with regards to the class/general licenses for the Mealy Redpoll, Siberian Goldfinch and Bullfinch, following the announcement of the snap election on the 8th June 2017. After the election, work will again begin by DEFRA/Natural England on the completion of the licenses.

All existing licenses will remain in place until further notice.

CSUG Meeting – Wednesday 19th April 2017

CSUG Meeting on Wednesday 19th April 2017

11am-1pm, Room G1, Horizon House, Bristol